An unwashed, unshaven, ungroomed, drug consuming, jam band touring, hippie throw back from vermont.

see also: wookie
"That VW Eurovan was ripe with the stench of 3 month old muzzy ass sweat, ever since the memebers of phish gave the driver a bukake, and he promised to never wash the cum from his nappy dreds, or from anywhere else for that matter."
by phish_phag May 27, 2004
muzzy(adj) muzzier, muzziest
1 mentally confused; muddled
2 blurred; indistinct.
he's a little muzzy
i can't see that, it is to muzzy
by blinddevil881 June 13, 2004
Typically a stinky, filth covered, homeless person with all their belongings tied around their waist. The difference between a normal homeless person and a MUZZY: the MUZZY has been shaved and de-balled. They tend to be gender challenged, but are natural homosexuals.
I saw this thing running Collegiate Peaks 50 mile race last year, I think it was a MUZZY!
by Eric Gabe January 07, 2005
God-like. Creator. Controller.
And like god, muzzy swipes his hand and all is dead.
by muzzy June 07, 2003
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