A more direct method of referring to a fun sponge; someone who sucks the enjoyment out of any situation. Can also refer to the sucking sound of people's enjoyment leaving them.
"Damn that muzz Jeff; everytime he comes over no-one wants to stay."
by Doc Raymond October 10, 2003
Top Definition
a state of mind where the affected is unnaturally unaware of his surroundings

... usually after several cones

people under the influence of muzz are likely to trip, break things or generally fuck up the simplest of tasks
"dude, i am so muzzed"
"I'm just muzzing out"
*in exsaperated tone* "Muuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzz"
"Ramwell, stop muzzing out -- you left my house unlocked and two bongs on my parents kitchen table"
by stoz June 26, 2006
Muzz - The stubble on a pubic area, left after not having been shaved for a week.

Muzzed - To have your face rubbed in muzz.

Muzz Hunting - To cruise for chicks with muzz.

Muzzology - The study of muzz.

Muzzism - One's divine beliefs in muzz.
I was goin' down on this chick, but the muzz scared me.

I was eating this chick out yesterday, next thing I know, I'm being muzzed!

Me and Tommy went muzz hunting last night.

I studied muzzology for 4 years in colledge.

When I inquired about Muzzism at the church I was thrown from a second story window.
by FattyFattyBoBatty November 10, 2007
n. the substance secreted by a vagina at the height of orgasm during intercourse; usually in combination with a seizgasm v. the act of secreting muzz
"She muzzed all over the bed, so I wiped it up with her shirt."
by poopypants April 02, 2003
In the broadess sence, muzz is a euphemism for having sex. However, in the more direct sence, muzz is used for long overdue sex that happens in Las Vegas.
Chelsea was horny when she came to vegas, so I muzzed her all night long.
by meadballs June 26, 2011
Feces, Shit, Crap, To Deficate, or to relieve ones self of Feces.
Man i Just took a huge Muzz

Dude someone just went to the toilet all over bell street maccas carpark.
by Death.2.muzzas August 11, 2010
to lose control of one's bladder, to pee yourself, piss your panties, urinate the bed
"oh man, he's just muzz'd himself, that's gross!!"

"i think i've just muzz'd your bed"

"i laughed so hard i almost muzz'd myself"
by Stef Connelly March 05, 2008
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