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A loose dress that is hung from the shoulders.
"U look swank in u'r muumuu!!!"
by The coolest people March 16, 2005
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A loose dress hung from the shoulders
"You look swank in your muumuu!"
by The coolest people March 16, 2005
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What a man calls his ugly wife syndrome ridden spouse when, because he is a "good man" he has stayed with her....or it... all these years though she has let her self go and sex has become like, nauseating for him.
Perfectly stated in the movie 50 first dates when the Ula (Rob Schneider) is marrying Henry (Adam Sandler) and Lucy (Drew Barrymore)
Henry is asked if he will take Lucy as his wife and when he agrees Ula looks at him repulsed and says...
"Really? Even though in 10-15 years she could possibly let herself go and then sex would be like, nauseating, for you"?
Henry replies "What, are you nuts? Your wife's right over there"!
Ula "I'm just kidding, Muumuu"! (We all know hes not)
by MojoRisingLizardKing August 30, 2010
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sexy, dirty, sluts, bad girls, mamas, slut
"...when people crash on the couch with their cornflakes in front of MTV they generally prefer babes in bikinis to mamas in muumuus..."
by Luvlee G August 06, 2007
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