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An Arabic name which means "highest levels in the sky". As for ULA, it sometimes refers to "Ula Loves Ahmed".
1. Ula is an Iraqi lassie.
2. ULA. (which means: Ula Loves Ahmed) lol.
by Iraqi people October 05, 2008
21 19
Ultra-late Adopter, someone who waits a long time to buy the "it" product.
He still doesn't own an ipod?!?! What an ula.
by txngrl June 15, 2008
11 25
Another term for Dwarf
Look at that ulas over there drowning in that puddle
by Sarah August 19, 2004
8 28
A tiny turkish worker with a penis equivalent to that of an ant
look at the dwarf over there
by Sarah August 18, 2004
12 33