1)An individual of many races or ancestrial lineages.
2)Bi-racial but more familiarly multi-racial.
3)A dog of mixed breed.
Chick 1: "Isn't Anna mixed with Italian and asian or some shit?"

Chick 2: "Nah, she's either just a really tan white girl or a really pale black girl..Wait, I think she's got scottish in her too, hence the last name. and the drinking."

Chick 1: "Nah that bitch is plain native american. Look at her she looks like Pocahontas. Or Esmeralda, which would make her spanish..right?"

Chick 2: "Fuck it, I dunno what that bitch is.."

Chick 3: "Goddamnit people! Anna's everything! but if you want to get technical she's Asian, Black, Native American, and Scottish. She's a fucking mutt man.."

Chick 1 & 2: "Ohhh exotic..."

Chick 3: "Oui"
by Housewife Vagina July 22, 2010
Top Definition
1) A person of mixed racial descent.

2) A dog of many mixed breeds.
Thomas is white, Hispanic, and Italian, therefore he is a mutt.

I have a dog who is of so many different breeds that he is considered a mutt.
by Anonymous February 14, 2004
term used to identify someone as multiracial; pretty derogatory word for a multiracial person, at least in the eyes of someone who is multiracial him/herself (because of the word's use in labeling a dog as inferior as a result of impure breeding)
i think it is obnoxious of you to call me a mutt; i'm not inferior to you because my parents are two different races.
by nunoyobiiizneez July 16, 2004
A mutt is a person of a multi-racial background, depending on who you are talking to it can be considered offensive and/or derogatory. In a lot of cases people don't take offense to it(I personally call myself a mutt all the time) Just be careful who you call a mutt, some people won't take it very well.
Ex 1)

Anthony: what are you, you look Hispanic?

Me: I'm a mutt...

Anthony: Me too!

Ex 2)

person1: what is she, I can't tell?

person2: I'm not sure, she's some crazy mix.

person1: Oh, so she's a mutt.

person3: Who are you calling a mutt, you're no better than me just cause I'm multiracial!

Ex 3)

Guy: Wow you're gorgeous, what are you?

Girl: I'm Guyanese, Irish, Indian, and German.

Guy: So you're a mutt.

Girl: yup and damn proud of it too!
by kittieex3 November 24, 2010
1) Noun: a close male friend or buddy
2) Adj: a scrappy but beast action/ person
3) Verb: to do better than expected
1) Hey what's up mutt!?
2) That was such a muttly touchdown catch!
3) Wow he has been muttin' it up these last few games.
by Heff35 March 29, 2015
a term used to insult the mets
The mutts stink.
by terrell mateo June 07, 2003
1. n. A dog of undetermined breeding.
2. n. A drug of an undetermined blend.
1. Suzie's dog looks a little like a border collie, but the colouring is off. I wonder if it's a mutt.
2. I can't believe Eric took that mutt he found.
by Kristin. February 26, 2007
Mutt (Adj.)

Mutt refers to any such games to which make little to no sense with poor to NO quality and are commonly found at the bottom of a rating.

(Origin: Mutt Hoss on newgrounds. Currently the lowest ranked game.)
"You played 'The last templar' on the xbox 360? I tried, But it was such a Mutt game. A real piece of shit."
by Violet5100 September 23, 2013

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