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A Juggalo/Juggalette's own way of saying, mother fucker!!
Whuddup muthafacko, wanna box?
by rAiNbOwLeTt3420 August 28, 2005
The new, seemingly cool, pronunciation of "mother fucker". Stolen from the movie "Big Money Hustlas".
That's my money, muthafacko.

'Sup, muthafacko?

What are you muthafackos up to this fine afternoon?
by dcomposed December 13, 2003
term used commonly by juggalos, juggalettes, ICP, etc. same as mother fucker
Man, that mutha facko wont share the faygo!
by tweemo April 20, 2003
The history of mutha facko is a short one. It was first used by Violent J of Insane Clown Posse. He used it also in the juggalo movie Big Money Hustlas. It picked up usage then and los and lettes around started using it instead of mutha fucker.

Juggalo Xtreme
Cash money mutha facko!
by Juggalo Xtreme September 01, 2004
a cleaner, funnier form of "motha-fucka". used by the Psychopathic artists.
My money mutha-fackos!
by ninja September 18, 2003
1) A close friend/ associate. 2) A bitch / slut 3) Will (see also dcomposed)
What's poopin', Muthafacko?
by morethanthesumofmyparts October 15, 2003
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