Mut(s) is a portmanteu of the words Man and slut. Roughly translating to manslut, Mut can be used to describe a male who is unusally horny or promiscuous. Often times Muts will have no regard as to the appearance of the female they are courting i.e. They would not care if she is ugly because they just want it badly.
Man #1: If I were a girl Id prolly be slutty, If Im anything like I am as a guy

Man #2: Lol you would be a Mut. Man-slutty

Man #3: Sure would!
by Ramon Del Fuego June 10, 2008
Top Definition
Australian slang for a vagina.
"Oi! Show us ya mut!"
by Diego September 03, 2003
Australian slang for a dirty vagina
Nicole is pretty good looking but she has a fucking huge mut
by View Sonic August 20, 2005
a mean thing to call someone who is multi-racial.
she's a mut.
by nerm November 20, 2003
Kiwi slang for vagina (see thatched roof cottages, pink bits, tuna town, etc.).
I love sex on the beach, I just hate it when I get sand up my mut.
by Anonymous March 16, 2003
1. A mean name to call someone who is multiracial

2.Slang for vagina
1.Sasha is a mut. She's half Native American and half Peruvian.

2. Nicole has such a dirty mut

by Your Mom in a bikini June 29, 2006
A Cooch, Pussy, ect.
Smells like fish, tastes like chicken you don't know what I've been licken?
by trebor August 07, 2004
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