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to be unique, and one of a kind. to be truely beautiful inside and out. her eyes draw you in like magnets. she's an amazing kisser and gives the warmest hugs. her soul is soft and naive, but covered with a blanket giving the wrong message at times. definately someone to befriend and love. her love is the biggest of them all, your lucky to have it.
that girl right there, is very muskan.
by hindulover76 December 28, 2009
Simply the best one you can find on the planet. One who doesn't believe in competition. Why? Because she is already on the top of the fucking Food Chain. Loveable. Worth your Life. BEWARE: ONCE YOUR HEART IS GIVEN IT WON'T COME BACK EASILY FROM THIS PERSON.
You just can't turn you back on Muskan.
by FrankFuckingUnderwood October 08, 2015
The prettiest and cutest asian girl :) she loves food & sleep she is addicted to kpop especially bts <33

her Bias is most likely Suga aka Min Yoongi! She has an annoying bratty older brother
wow i want to marry a Muskan
A girl who is slightly a nerd but can be wild when she wants to.
"Is that Muskan?"
"It is"
via giphy
by 5sosfam af August 28, 2016
indian girl whose best friend is ashley (:
woooooooaaaaah nelllllllllly. muskan is indian
by AshOhMan August 13, 2008
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