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When you download music that says its one thing but really is something else. can also be used when someone adds words or lines into music

Dave: hey man, what is this shit?

Greg: i supposedly downloaded "i love college" but this sounds like...cher! its too horrible!!!

Dave: damn this is mushit!

Jenna: Yeah! this is great musi-

Song: Free ringtones! at

Jenna: aww what mushit
by urbanfalafel March 30, 2009
Music that sucks, and is shitty. Really, really sucky, and really, really shitty.
Q: How'd the dentist go?
A: Oh, just great. They were playing christmas mushit over the radio. Luckily the drills drowned out that Bing Crosby crap.
by frankrizzoDE November 23, 2010
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