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An affectionate name you give to someone after you mark them with a mushroom stamp.
Where did you go Mush Mush?
by FemaleWatson February 21, 2013
A term describing a person (usually female) who is smitten with love for another person or orbject.
"Oh Vanessa, your such a mush mush!!"
by AfricanEnglishMan February 10, 2010
it is a term used to describe the delights of shaving a monkey
i had a MUSH MUSH of a time last nite shaving my monkey
by henry J milligan December 30, 2004
Semi-melted, slushy, gray, snow that is much deeper than it appears to be. You step in it, it fills your shoes, and you spend the rest of the day pissed off with cold, wet feet.
"Son of a bitch!!! I stepped in a whole freaking puddle of mush-mush!! Now my socks and shoes are soaked...screw you Jack Frost!!!"
by LeahAnn October 20, 2007
Hurried affection for your lover when your not in the mood.
My gf was so damn tired tonight when I wanted a hug and kiss , she gave me Mush Mush instead.
by Obie 1nder December 22, 2009
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