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A, usually, large and/or hairy gay man (bear) who is also a body builder.
Bob is a total muscle bear, he has a belly but can bench 350.
by carlbear October 10, 2003
The three "h's" of "Bear" are "Husky, Hirsute and Homosexual." Add "Muscle" in front and the term defines:

a. A hairy (esp. chest)ed gay man, usually of middle years or more, who is well-muscled or well defined ("cut")usually from body-building or progressive-resistance gym work, with visible attributes such as forearm "guns" or "six-pack abs."

b. More generally, any hairy-chested mature (usually but not definitively) gay male who is at least somewhat physically fit, especially one who presents an imposing or dominant presence. Facial hair and a blue-collar look such as the cliche plaid lumberjack shirt add to the image.
(Definition a) -- "OK, in a day when 'Muscle Bear' has started to nudge out older descriptions like "virile, red-blooded, hairy-chested American male, who do you think is really a muscle bear? Can you put it in terms I'd understand?" -- "Oh, you mean gay porn! Blake Nolan, Dean Coulter, probably Arpad Miklos who wears his muscles so well, possibly Ross Hurston, the power bottom from England, and maybe the very hairy hunky Ray Harley. If Ray grew a beard and played the sexual top more often, I think he'd qualify.

But to me, the quintessential Muscle Bear is Tim Kelly in the HOM gay-porn vids. Woof!"

(Definition b) -- "Mary's straight-as-an-arrow husband Lochinvar is six foot one, hairy, a little chunky but still in good shape from outdoor work. He's forty-three and wears a goatee. Is it safe to call him a muscle bear?" -- "Well, you'd better check it out with Mary to see if he would get upset at any gay inference. But if Mr. L. grows a beard and starts hanging out in taverns every evening, perhaps Mary should start worrying. And why are YOU so concerned, might I ask?"
by al-in-chgo February 18, 2010
A muscle bear is a a gay man of large muscular stature, yet not obese. He is very proud of his masculinity and tries his hardest not to wear his heart on his sleeve or do anything that could be perceived as feminine or culturally gay.
Steve is a muscle bear because he lifts weights to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger instead of acting like an emotional girly man. he doesn't understand why someone that is attracted to men would act like a girl. Care less about the latest fashion trends. Does not go by his formal name Steven, because he believes that would be too blatantly pretentious. steve is very happy that he has a pair.
by bdsmsub69 October 16, 2013
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