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A, usually, large and/or hairy gay man (bear) who is also a body builder.
Bob is a total muscle bear, he has a belly but can bench 350.
by carlbear October 10, 2003
The smaller or younger significant other of gay male "bear".
My huscub is 250 pounds and very hairy, I met him on gay.com.
by Carlbear September 29, 2003
A societal stereotype is that blondes are less intelgent than average, a blonde moment is an occurance of a blonde person doing or saying somthing stupid.
Buffy asked "where are my keys?" when they were in her hand, a total blonde moment.
by carlbear October 02, 2003
A variation on "down low".
I'm gonna quit my job tomorrow, but I don't want anyone to know yet so keep it on the low low.
by carlbear August 11, 2005

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