A man purse
River carry's his lunch in a murse.
by Mary Only July 28, 2009
a purse for a man
I went to the mall and they were have a sale on murses
by Squeakums July 13, 2008
Simply put, its a purse for men.
"hey, does that guy have a murse?!? Weird."
by johnny spoons October 08, 2007
Male nurses
Patient: "Are you the doctor?"
Murse: "No, I'm your murse."

Why don't nurses wear scrub dresses anymore? Because murses complained that it was socially unacceptable for men to wear dress uniforms while on the job.

Compression stockings are now available in solid print, without flowers or hearts, for the murses.
by RN <3 January 06, 2012
Man Purse: A storage tote containing carry handles and a shoulder strap, giving it's (male?) wearer the option of carrying it by daintily holding the straps in his fingers or ruggedly off the shoulder. The murse may be accessorized with a matching coin pouch.
His new murse matches his shoes perfectly.
by Johnny Castle 69 February 08, 2011
a bag usually carrried around by men but not worn on the back. It usually resembles a large purse. Sometimes refered to as a fag bag.
Matt why do you have eyeliner and Panties in your Murse.
by joe Scott February 05, 2008
When a man carries a woman's personal items instead of her wearing a purse. He is her murse.
Cindy treats her boyfriend like her own purse by having him carry her lipstick and cigarettes. She refers to him as a Murse, Man Purse.
by TallestMinja September 12, 2008

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