A hand bag or purse made for men.
At the Staduim the security guards asked me to open up my murse for inspection in case if I brought in any consealed items that is banned.
by bigg3469 July 18, 2009
1.) a man purse
2.) a purse that a man in france carries
hey james I love your murse

murses are very popular among french men

dude.....did you check out peppy lepeew's new murse? its sweet and its hot pink!

by ely67 November 08, 2007
a man purse.
Travis wears a murse.
by Niel-sen July 10, 2008
a male in the profession of nursing. Male + Nurse = Murse
My son has been working as a Murse for several years now.
by mebriwn June 29, 2005
A male nurse. _____
Gaylord Focker is a murse. _
by Uncle Makz June 24, 2005
A male registered nurse.
Ryne and Jeremy are going to school to become murses.
by jrook68 April 01, 2011
A man purse
River carry's his lunch in a murse.
by Mary Only July 28, 2009

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