a word i made up for ugly people
Dude, Brian Turnnies a murry. lol
by yesse June 04, 2004
Top Definition
Maury Povich but blacks on the show typically pronounce his name as "Murry".
"Murry, that not my baby..."
by South Talk August 22, 2012
to be groped or touched in a sexual way randomly by a drunk/sobre friend or aquaintance.
'hahahahah hy well got murryed by gine the other day...just out of the blue it was piss funny'

'gine should keep her hands to herself and stop murrying everyone' ;)
by :L:L:L:L:L:L May 14, 2009
Silly person. Someone who is funny and crazy that can laugh at his or her own self. Makes awkward side comments and is able to make anyone have a good time around them.Who also makes stupid comments but laughs about them. aka. Maria Mayer
You're such a Murry.
by Murfa February 08, 2010
a person who enjoys 3 ways with his parents
Edward is a murry it happened again
by PerezA69 December 02, 2011
Some one who is stupid, not all together there and/or unco.
Dave:(breaking somthing)"CRASH!SMASH!BREAK"
Mark:"Dave, what are you?"
Dave:"a Murry"
by Lem January 06, 2005
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