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Laughing My Ass Off. Used online only.
Matt: Bill fell off the horse and injured his pelvis in 6 different places.

Joe: LMAO!
by lem December 15, 2002
Excess skin on overweight people.
Dude, she was fat I fucked her back flab.
by lem December 15, 2002
Some one who is stupid, not all together there and/or unco.
Dave:(breaking somthing)"CRASH!SMASH!BREAK"
Mark:"Dave, what are you?"
Dave:"a Murry"
by Lem January 06, 2005
A term given to a freind or group of freinds in an ironic greeting.
Yo, what are you gunts up to? I might come round for some beers.


How's Jezza? I haven't seen that gunt for ages!
by Lem January 05, 2005
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