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vacillating in one's progress toward a goal, or dithering as to what if any goal to pursue, in relaxed, leisurely fashion, yet all the while being nominally engaged in trying to be productive
We just sortof murphed around this afternoon, didn't really get anything much done although we started and then got distracted from several projects.
by Scottosaurus August 03, 2003
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to stand some one up, miss an appointment, not show, leave em hangin
He was supposed to meet us at the bar but we got murphed.
by V. Abeyta April 17, 2003
to continue to take part in an online political forum discussion even after one has already said one's good-byes
The other poster's message about Clinton's sex life got her so riled that she could not resist murphing for a quick rebuttal, and then another one, and then another one.
by Anonymous August 26, 2003

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