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MURKOLOGY is we all love to get messy but the true religion of MURKOLOGY runs far deeper than gettin smashed on a wkend or turning up to work pissed every now n then, its about gettin absolutely MURKELD (pronounced mur-kel-d) at any given time... MURKOLOGY is not just a religion, its a way of life and onli a true MURKOLOGIST can party this hard... a true MURKOLOGIST lives by these commandments... being MURKELD IS THE BEST THING EVER... u NEVER need a reason to get murkeld... but u can change any given situation into one... a few quiet drinks ALWAYS turn murkely durkely... 2 answers to most questions, lets get murkeld or why not... at least 1 drug dealler in there phone... its never 2 early/late to ring sed drug dealer... theres never a wrong time to get murkeld... u onli vomit if it makes it easier to carry on but NEVER after swallowing sumthing that will enhance ur being... u can never have 2 much... will happily start getting murkeld on their own n force others to join in... doesnt need to be wi people they kno to join in gettin murkled... NEVER leave a murkologist behind, bang em in a taxi... theres no situation/place thats 2 random to get murkled... SO IF UR WEEKEND NEVER STARTS BECAUSE TECHNICALLY IT DOESNT FINISH THEN U ARE A DEFINATE MURKOLOGIST remember our motto... ITS MURKAGE SEASON :D in the name of the lion the witch and the wardeobe... may the murk be with you
guy... what religion are you?

2nd guy.. dunno really.. c of e i think

guy... well dont say your a party animal if ya dont follow murkology... dickhead
by WiZzAdOrA January 12, 2011
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the gaming study of murking or getting murked on

this can refer to players of more or less skill than you that are murking on you.

call of duty is a popular game where murkology can be studied or battle field bad company 2
Wow. That is the fifth time he has killed me. He is teaching me murkology.
by jockhater2 March 08, 2010
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