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To physically beat someone so severely, they end up dying from their injuries. To beat the living shit outta someone. To seriously whoop somebodys ass.
He said he could see me with the hands, but I clearly murked that motherfucker
by Finesse May 06, 2004
Actually spelt 'Merc' but these idiots below me don't seem to realise that. Short for 'Mercenary' it means to destroy or to beat mercilessly
'Wow I murk'd him'
'Dude, it's merc'd, dumbass'
by Mizticall May 05, 2010
A common misspelling of merc, which means to beat up or kill someone. Used mainly in hip-hop and gang culture. Derived from mercenary, a soldier for hire.
Crip1: That nigga's a blood, imma murk his ass.

Crip2: It's spelled merc, not murk.
by Whatnao August 06, 2011
to kill a nigga. .
we in tha middle of murkin season
by kraaaazy nigga January 23, 2008
Also spelled Merk dependin on who uses it. Means to kill.
I'll murk dat nigga.
by Ghosty D December 28, 2007
A word that was introduced in the high limit poker circles in the Chicagoland area by TheActionKid, JERRRY, Playa Plz, and a couple others. "Murkin Em" has become a coined phrase when something good happens or when someone wins a huge hand or pot against someone. To win at poker or sports betting or other form of gambling as well as to beat someone at something.
(After winning a $10,000 pot) I just murked him good!

(After winning a big sports bet) Nice win bro, murkin em!

Let's murk this game and call it a night.
by Action Andrew July 04, 2011
a common misspelling for merc. Short for mercenary. To hurt, murder, destroy, whoop-ass, etc.
On a spelling test, if you spelled merc, "Murk." You'd be flat out wrong, dumbass.
by Jesus W. Christ January 27, 2012
An action work meaning to disappear or vanish.

the word has also been used (out of content) to describe death or killing, because of the similarities between being dead and one disappearing or vanishing

A yo, I'm about to murk, I got work in the morning.

I can believe J got murked, he was only 19.
by ThE K@niLeKinG January 27, 2011

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