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to destroy or obliterate a living being through excessive violence, force, or murderization
Thomas murderized Taylor with a spoon after Taylor created a perfect experiment.
by Thomas R. December 08, 2005
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To obliterate, destroy, or kill something, usually a living being, using excessive violence and/or force.
Another way to describe murderizing something would be overkill.

It is not used often, and even when it is used it is often ridiculous and non serious
Katelyn murderized the cockroaches with her flamethrower

Alex murderized his friend with a dull knife for his satanic ritual.

After being infuriated by her neighbor's actions, Natalie murderized the entire city with nuclear weapons.
by Axipixel October 06, 2015
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The Total annihilation of something or someone, to thhe highest degree of desctruction.



(Guy With GF)

I Murderized my girls pussy last night

(Video game Geek)

You just got murderized my a head shot

(The aftermath of a badass diss)

Man, yo manhood jus got murderized, are you really about to take it.
by Tmoneytylr July 11, 2009
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To brutally destroy someone when they have no chance of survival.
by CancerMonkey April 24, 2017
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