People, who as a result of their actions, cause the untimely death of other people, who did not deserve to suffer an untimeley death. They also cause the untimely sanctioning of other innocent people, not associated with them, by some stange obscure default.
Murderers - People who wore the red shirts of Liverpool and attended a certain football match, in which 39 Italian supporters died, at their hands. These same people never appeared as remorsefull over the incident, yet want us all to remember the tragic events of Hillsborough, every other day. As a result of their actions they barred everyone from competative football. Murdering Twats.
by Brianph September 16, 2006
Top Definition
a misguided sociopath who wouldn't harm a fly; however you are not a fly, you are a human being who he is plotting to cut up with a chainsaw in his basement; he usually kills the black person first, then the people who have had sex, then the males that aren't very important.. the virgin girl usually escapes his wrath, however..
The murderer is my friend because I'm a virgin.
by BruisesOnHerEgo June 01, 2005
Someone famous for killing someone else.
Day 1:
Driver gets in car accident and survives, but passenger dies.
Day 2: ________ is now friends with +396 other people on facebook.
Me: That guy is such a murderer.
by ADTRfanforlife June 14, 2011
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