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Verb: to kill, often used in violent online games such as Valve's Counter-Strike.

Exclamation: Victory is mine!
Verb: Murda that guy with the mac-10!

Exclamation: After killing five opponents, danksta repeatedly said "Murda" over the voice chat.
by danksta December 05, 2003
A Crazy Drink GodMode Made consisting of orange juice, vodka, amareto, and soco some sugar, lemon juice and lime juice
it tastes like orange julious
pour me more Murda i need to get drunk
by godmode January 08, 2004
doesn't mean anything really. just wheneve u done talking u just say MURDA outta nowhere
come with me to the mall its MURDA
by g$ homedawg January 09, 2003
murder like the record label murder inc.
by phreak99 November 23, 2002
its i guy thats in a gang like blood
wuz relly good thats my nigga mudra mike
by lakeisha July 18, 2005