Noun. Mup-et-ry
Used in betting circles to describe a series of bets which, in aggregate, result in a loss.
Fred committed muppetry when all of his bets resulted in a loss.
by Sleepyday September 27, 2011
Top Definition
A general description of the acts of a muppet.
Jesus, that fuckwit is bringing the art of muppetry to a new level.
by Gheorghe Hagi April 19, 2003
The act, with no regard to common sense, logic and in disregard of all statements made to the contary still exhube an air of confidence and belief that something will happen.
100,000s of posts on Redcafe regarding Wesley Sneijder being transferred to Manchester United is muppetry of the highest order.
by brasil_boy August 31, 2011
act of doing silly things
"last night was full muppetry moments"

or "i just can't help my muppetry sometimes"
by btippi June 05, 2004
A girl that is often found at the gym, usually having the face of a muppet like creature and a long lengthy body that is incredibly unattractive. A body and legs similar to Kermit the frog.
That girl at worlds gym has a lot of muppetry in her.
by Wompumweaver February 21, 2013
The act of getting fisted in the anus. Sticking the fist/arm in so that the receiver resembles a muppet.
Did you get any muppetry last night?

Yes, in fact, I did. I was Kermit.

by walkerp April 02, 2007
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