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Someone who makes other people laugh. Very often muppets hang around with other muppets, creating flocks. They are recognized by their strange behaviour and loud laughter.

Warning! Acting like a muppet might make people think you're retarded. But that is sort of fun.
Muppet: You laugh at silly things and burst into strange songs for no apparent reason accompanied by equally strange dancemoves.

Muppetdancing: You listen to a song (or make one up yourself) and start moving. You don't care if anyone laugh at you.

It might look ugly, but it's fun! (See FUN in UD.)
by WTFNVM September 09, 2010
30 23
Mutant Undercover Pinko Puppet Espionage Team. Googly-eyed abominations created in Soviet laboratories to infiltrate and destroy America from the inside out. They disguise themselves as lovable puppets but actually want you to turn against the government. It is a fact that Kermit the Frog's arm-waving is actually a form of hypnotic brain washing that makes children want to burn U.S. flags and do heroin. Some of them live in the ghetto, particularly a slum called "Sesame Street", in which there lives a homosexual couple and a creature that lives in garbage, obviously an attempt to teach kids that homosexuality and living in poverty are OK. Sharing is also a dominant theme, proving that these creatures have strong communist values. The only logical response to these creatures is to burn every single Muppet toy you see.
It's a muppet! It's here to corrupt our children!
by BloodyJesusPizza February 19, 2013
6 1
MUPPET is an acronym for:

'Most Useless / Pathetic Person Ever Trained'

Common usage has seen the term become a day-to-day reference for someone who is particularly stupid, clumsy or lacking common in sense and logic.

Origins: Unknown - however most evidence points to the film industry (particulary gaffers & grips) rather than the US Military who is usually given the credit for such acronyms.
"Shall we get Tom in on the project?
Tom? - Hell no, He's a total muppet."
by EnzoYug June 04, 2006
27 23
A nicer way to say you are an idiot, or a retard.

E.G. "OMG you are such a muppet!" or "Haha you muppet!"

You could use this when talking to friends if you don't want to use something as harsh as idiot.
by Ooooo friend! October 08, 2011
4 1
A ratchety individual who is so obnoxious said person seems not human. Someone who is over the top, projecting a mentality at a volume or with movements to get attention. This can be a demeanor thing or aesthetic thing. Like being a puppet, puppets aren't real there for, a muppet is being fake going along with things just to fit in.
(A bunch of teenage girls yelling and giggling over irrelevant things in public) one would say, "Look at those jankey ass "Muppets"!

"Look at her her blue eye shadow someone felt Muppety today."

(Wearing a shirt where you can see the bra clearly through it) "What a "Muppet."

"Whats the difference between a "Muppet" and a regular girl? Daddy issues."

" Is it me or do all muppets shop at kohls."
by Angela Jude June 08, 2013
2 0
When two young women are "experimenting" with downstairs familiarity.
"Wow, check out those chicks playing Muppets."
by Burt&Curt November 02, 2009
12 10
a person who acts really stupid and/or immature all the time.
"whos the muppet who put my hand in warm water while i was sleeping!"
by alland February 22, 2008
13 11