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A person who is full of his/her self-importance, yet knows nothing about the subject they're talking about.
"Wow, the Newscaster seems a well-informed authority on China!"
"Nah, he's an expert on spreading bullshit - a muppet reject"

This one was rejected from the muppet show because he was too ugly.
by Magnificent Mutley August 31, 2008
Muppet Rejects are certain people that look so horrible even the muppets would reject them...
It's those damn muppet rejects trying to get with me again!
by Precious Sunrise March 29, 2011
A muppet rejected from the muppet show because it was "too ugly".
Matt Martina is the definition of a muppet reject
by Stassirose June 04, 2016
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