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a word used to discribe a person who is awesome and also intoxicated. Is most commonly used in conjunction with several swear words.
ie. "Craig you f@ckin MUNGIN cun&"
by mitch fttaang July 23, 2008
19 31
When 2 people commit the act of digging up a deceased female body. One of the persons involved places their mouth over the lower region (vagina) of the corpse whilst the other jumps on its stomache. Therefor causing the insides of the corps to exit the body and enter the first persons mouth.
Me and my friend went up the graveyard today to do some mungin.
by All knowing knowledge man November 18, 2011
28 16
Aussie slang: To eat something
'What are you doing?', 'Just mungin' on some bread'
by Aussie Slang Pro April 13, 2012
0 0