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Producing excrement after consuming spicy food I.E. Mexican salsa, Indian food, Chinese Buffet's...

It is derived from the song Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.
Ryan: Did you eat all of those Jalapenos?
Mark: Yeah, I'm going to be droppin' a Cash here in about 15.
by item535 August 15, 2005
Taking a double dose of Ex-lax after eating Mexican food and waiting until it's unbearable, then punching your girlfriend in the diaphragm, knocking the wind out of her. While she's lying on the floor sucking for air like a fish, unleash the liquidous mess from your anus into her waiting mouth.

Other fish can be used to relate to the person sucking shit matter.
EX) Rainbow Trout for lesbians, Wide Mouth Bass for that annoying chick who won't shut up, etc.
Nick: My girlfriend told everyone my dick was like a pencil with broken lead, so last night we went to On the Border and then I gave her a Whitebass Choco Splash.

Alan: Man, that is brutal!
by item535 August 17, 2005
1. A Mung Rag is used to wipe off excess mung from your face.

2. A Mung Rag is used to wipe up party foul.

Also see mung and party foul
1. James: There was mung everywhere, throw me that mung rag so I can wipe off my face.

2. Mark: Damnit! Terry dropped his beer! give me that mung rag so I can clean this jazz up.
by item535 August 17, 2005
When a Penis is 30 percent erect.
Ron: That fat bitch has a peeping thong!
Steve: Yeah but it's kinda hot. I got a dirty thirty
by item535 June 09, 2005

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