when a player goes straight into a tackle(football or rugby) and wins the ball but completely wipes out the oppositions player.
commentator:"..and Ronaldo's got the ball and bang,hes just been munched by Carragher!"
by Carlo Rocco February 18, 2008
Top Definition
squished together
All the forms are now munched into one form.
by Super Jules December 04, 2010
To be degraded in a almost insulting way and be left questioning whether or not to make a scene/big deal about it.

v. munched, munching, munch
n.muncher, munchers
I just munched that punk-ass by turning his bag inside out and putting his belongings inside the reversed bag.
by rjmaddog December 06, 2010
to be very tired and/or drunk/under th influence of a drug
i was munched last nite at th party
by warren November 14, 2003
The definition of munched, is a universal definition.
Simply used like '' owned ''.

The munch equation.
munch¹= munch¹ + munch¹ = munch² - ∴ = ∞ munching
cOm < UM
insult } cOm < M = munch¹= munch¹ + munch¹ = munch² - ∴ = ∞ munching

Sir, you just munched yourself

Don't do it, I will munch you!

Ahaha she just fell of her chair, she got munched!

LOL munched.
by SOMOMNOMNOMNOM June 17, 2010
to own,beat up; to tell someone they suck.
get munched! i would munch that kid.
by big Egk April 01, 2008
A past-tense verb describing the action that occurred when one vehicle met another with unhappy results. Usually, one vehicle has new accordion shaped body parts (rear-ending) or has a section crushed (under a 2nd vehicle).

Can also describe the action taken while using a vehicle as a means to run over/crush an object.
Holy smokes, that truck munched the heck out of that car!
That driver better watch who she's cutting off or she'll get munched.
While four-wheeling this weekend, I totally munched some cedar.
by thekelty May 13, 2009
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