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A person who manages to stalk more than 3 people at once. Effects may include this person borrowing (and not returning) clothing items, dressing like you and your friends, acting/talking like more than one of your friends (attaining their personality) stealing the inside jokes of you and your friends, following you to places you don't want to be followed (such as the bathroom...and the stall), and being in complete denial when other people hint that they aren't liked. Comes in the form of a younger looking kid, at your age, or any loner. Has no other friends. Isn't noticed until a few weeks after having hung around your group. Seemingly has the ability to appear out of thin air. Manages to follow silently without being noticed for long periods of time, without breathing. Tends to have glasses and a chronic eye twitch.

Oh my god. This chick is such a multistalker. She followed me to the movies, then left half way through to follow my friend to the mall, then went and followed my other friend to dinner with her family. CREEPER!!!!

creeper lurker annoyance
by babehK March 05, 2009

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