having more than one definition. DUH!
There are hundreds of words with multiple definitions.

Ex: High
by Erix December 06, 2003
1 Word related to multiple definitions
That's all you need to be hated by people who visit this web site.
User: I have 50+ definitions!
Guest: Fucker, go out doors.
User: I have.
Guest: UR GAY
Guest2: OMG, u both used dis website, FUCKERS
User: So did you.
Guest2: SHIT!
User: Idiots
Guest: Nerd
Guest2: faggots
User2: Shit heads
Guest: FUK U ALL
User2: Lol.
User: Hello.
User2: Lol.
User: Die.
User2: lOl. Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes.
Guest3: i use linux
User2: FAGGOT; Pancakes
by B-Drac December 01, 2003

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