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Seinfeld slang for a fake mechanical part used to jack up the price on your ignorant azz.
Mechanic: "You're gonna need a Johnson rod."

El Stupido: "Oh, a Johnson rod. Well ya better put one of those on there."
by Erix December 08, 2003
1. A STATE! Believe it or not.

2. Pretty decent football team-The Mountaineers. Marshall thinks they can hang with us, they have an inferiority complex. Go back to I-AA!

3. We suceeded from Virginia back during the Civil War because, quite frankly, they were weak.
I once told a cabbie from Virginia that I was from West Virginia. He didn't know where that was. I punched him in the face and stole his cab. Sucker.
by Erix December 09, 2003
A pass in street hoops, right off the head
Right off the heezy and into the bucket
by Erix May 23, 2003
having more than one definition. DUH!
There are hundreds of words with multiple definitions.

Ex: High
by Erix December 06, 2003
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