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v. To Multi-Text is to have a conversation with multiple people at the same time via SMS. Often induces severe cases of annoyance.
Josh: So who you texting?
Karen: Just Chloe and Craig.

- A few minutes pass -

Karen: Damnit! Will they stop texting me when I'm writing a message?!
Mike: Well maybe you should stop multi texting then.
by donnyboy01 October 06, 2007
The art of having many IM's plastered on your computer desktop while chatting in each and NOT getting the conversations mixed up.
I was Multi-Texting when she came online and IM'd me, but I accidentally sent Betty404's message to JaneOfTheJungle's IM, now I am busted....guess I need to practice multi-texting!
by Johns mom July 05, 2007
To hold text conversations with more than one person simultaneously.
Guy 1: "Dude, I multitexted like 6 people yesterday."

Guy 2: "So? I've done multitexting with 10."

Guy 1: :|
by SamuelleumaS A.D. August 27, 2011
The act of having several threads of texts to several different people at the same time.
Person one: "Dude, your phone is blowing up, whats going on?"
Person two: "I've decided its time to settle down, so I'm MultiTexting every girl in my phone book."
by RoyalTease May 28, 2011
The act of effectively carrying on two or more conversations within the same text message to one other person.
David - I want to go out with you Saturday.

Lori - Andrew just loves kindergarten.

David - What's his favorite activity?

Lori - Saturday sounds great.

Lori - Coloring I think.

David - I'll pick you up at 5. LOL.....I think we're multitexting again.
by Milsekr October 02, 2013
The act of texting while simultaneously doing another activity.
Zak: "You better put your phone down and watch where you're walking bro!"

Tom: "Don't worry doode! I'm excellent at multitexting."
by JRadical81 April 19, 2011
The occurrence of having multiple conversations and/or topics discussed while texting.
Bob - "Hey, how's it going, are you feeling better?"

Steve - "Hey Bob, I'm doing O.K. I'm still a little under the weather, and I have to finish up some work. We're having a potluck at my job tomorrow too!"

Bob - "Yeah, I figured. Whoa, slow down there big guy, you just hit me with a multi-texting extravaganza!"
by AMAK January 12, 2013

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