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In My Defense.
Used at the beginning of a sentence to indicate that the subsequent statement will justify some action or decision I made.
IMD, I didn't know the school bus was occupied before ramming it off the cliff.
by jqgatsby August 23, 2011
In My Dreams
Anne : IMD, I'm dating the guy I like and I have a fantastic job.
Cody : I getcha with that one, IMD I'm married to a hot super model who actually has brains too.
by DemonicFxck April 29, 2014
Invaders Must Die!

The Prodigy's single, which was released at november 26th, and will appear on the identical named album 'Invaders Must Die!', which will see the light on februari 23rd
1#: Do you know what the musicvideo was which Noel Clarke starrred in?
2#: The Prodigy's IMD dude!
1#: IM-what?
by GraingerIV February 02, 2009
In My Dreams-used to express an aspiration that could only be possible in one's dreams
OMG did ashton kutcher just blow a kiss to me from the red carpet!!! yeah right! IMD!!!
by urbnaryguru July 14, 2009
the act of sending or receiving an instant message.
Kim I.M.'d me this morning, when I was checking my email, to tell me the concert was at 7 tonight.
by sher w May 13, 2006
verb- to instant message
"So last night I IM'd Tanner and..."
"IM'd? Instant mugged?"
by faerygirl956 May 15, 2006
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