Mainly Unidentified Liquid Protien aka crotch rot
"she got some mulp build up down in her south"
by Evil Emily January 01, 2009
Top Definition
Mulp is a way to express the feeling of seeing a beauty through a apparently badly rusty thing.
Say: "humm, c'est de la mulp"
by dlnw April 09, 2009
The hair that grows on a persons lower back.
She was shaving her mulp in order to have a smooth back.
by Juan Mariscal October 28, 2008
A fiend like person
A made up word that makes a person either sound odd, silly, or bad.
"Shut up you mulp"

"You want to hit this joint Mulp?"

"Mulp beast"
by Basket Cockle April 03, 2006
means to beat or mash a thing or a person, to a bloody messy pulp. which wud look like tomatoes squashed
''ima mulp you''
''that boy got mulpped''
''your going the right way for a mulppin''
by lenny and phil, IPSWICH March 03, 2005
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