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Mulp is a way to express the feeling of seeing a beauty through a apparently badly rusty thing.
Say: "humm, c'est de la mulp"
by dlnw April 09, 2009
13 3
The hair that grows on a persons lower back.
She was shaving her mulp in order to have a smooth back.
by Juan Mariscal October 28, 2008
9 6
Mainly Unidentified Liquid Protien aka crotch rot
"she got some mulp build up down in her south"
by Evil Emily January 01, 2009
4 3
A fiend like person
A made up word that makes a person either sound odd, silly, or bad.
"Shut up you mulp"

"You want to hit this joint Mulp?"

"Mulp beast"
by Basket Cockle April 03, 2006
7 10
means to beat or mash a thing or a person, to a bloody messy pulp. which wud look like tomatoes squashed
''ima mulp you''
''that boy got mulpped''
''your going the right way for a mulppin''
by lenny and phil, IPSWICH March 03, 2005
2 11