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billy ray cyrus had the best mullet ever
there is no such thing as a good mullet, unless ur talking about billy ray cyrus.
by blondebabie February 03, 2007
,, a travesty upon someones head which shoudl carry the death penalty
,,,,hes got a mullet ***KABOOOM***<<that was man wiht mullet getting shot
by tonaaaaaaaaay April 23, 2003
a kick ass hairstyle introduced the the 80's its long in the back its a mullet and they rule!
hey look at that mullet sweet! it looks like joe dirt kick ass it does!
by emily August 05, 2004
Ben "Trucky" O'Hara
by Someone May 04, 2003
hairstyle where the top is short and the back is long. mostly aussies have this hairstyle.

jks :)
by shlong March 19, 2003
Sexy haircut
He had a mullet. I want to do him.
by Cindy July 13, 2003
Synonym for a haircut known more by its popular name the "Canadian Passport" and commonly sported by folks living north of the 49th Parallel.
Wow there Keri, your Mullet looks just like mine@
by bob mackinsey April 22, 2003