Everyone who said it's a redneck hairstyle is a hippie-crite!

rock & rollers
80's new-wavers from Europe

all wore the mullet at one time or another and YOU did too
David Spade is a faggot
by Eric Cartman June 30, 2004
A mulleted freak
Look at Hamby's mullet
by Christy April 04, 2003
the universal Gay hairdo

common among dykes and strap leather heavy metal faggots
What is David Spade a dyke or a fairy?
Nickname for the Miami Dolphins when they aren't playing well.
Bill: "You watching the Dolphins game on Sunday?"

Frank: "I don't know Bill, after losing that last game I'm about ready to give up on the Mullets. I'm just looking forward to the draft..."
by NicRattlehead September 17, 2015
An amazing hairstyle invented by HOCKEY PLAYERS. The hairstyle was short in the front, and long in the back. (Business in the front, Party in the back) Mario Lemieux (Mayr-i-o Lehm-euh) rocked it.
Duuuuuuude, that mullet is old school!
by floooooow February 08, 2015
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