To Mullage (Verb) Meaning to go on the session or to party.Also Mullaged, meaning sessioned out of it or Drunk.
Tom was absolutely Mullaged there on saturday night;

There was some smell of Mullage off Sinead sunday morning.
by Mr. Brightside9 July 07, 2009
Top Definition
(n): An evident growth of back bangs that is in the process of becoming a mullet - usually unbeknownst to the wearer.
Due to excessive purchases of booty shorts on eBay, Kyle could not afford a barber, and acquired a healthy growth of mullage.

"Sam, you should really get a haircut; you're getting some serious mullage back there."
by eoutlaw February 26, 2009
A bad-ass haircut where your edge is high as fuck... damnnear at the top of your head. Popularized towards the end of 2009 with the rise of hip hop duo "Mullage". Their hairlines were hosed up!
Terrel: Ay Shawn, who cut your hair?
Shawn: That nigga Willie.
Terrel: Damn! He gave yo ass a mullage!!
Shawn: I know man. The hoes don't be on me no mo. I might commit suicide tonight.
by mikedeuce123321 January 16, 2010
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