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2 definitions by eoutlaw

(n): An evident growth of back bangs that is in the process of becoming a mullet - usually unbeknownst to the wearer.
Due to excessive purchases of booty shorts on eBay, Kyle could not afford a barber, and acquired a healthy growth of mullage.

"Sam, you should really get a haircut; you're getting some serious mullage back there."
by eoutlaw February 26, 2009
131 36
singular: a person who is black
plural: people who are black
... actually, I've never seen black people. I've never seen a person who was entirely pitch black. I've a frostbitten toe that black - due to the frostbite, but never an all-black person. It's probably time that we rethink some things, huh?
by eoutlaw October 09, 2009
190 128