1. Someone who does something very well
1. Dude you are a MULE on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
by 304diesel July 10, 2009
a term for a person whos being very mean and aggressive, the dickhead of everyone's clique, a person whos being a big genitalia
gah, Jordan is always being a mule to Cindy, will he ever learn?
by xyzzzz May 06, 2008
A beautiful Sicilian last name, pronounced (Mu lay)
Giuseppe mule is a very respectable sicilian.
by TraceyMolly March 09, 2006
A person alientated from a group or activity. Usually shouted at that person to make them feel worse, and increase their understanding of their alienation
"Hey, look at Richard over there! He's totally off by himself. MULE!"
by Dix McGee May 19, 2006
a cross between a horse and a donkey that pulls carts and boats on canals
i just saw a mule pullin a bread cart
by loop February 25, 2005
Mule is a defunct rock and roll band hailing from lovely southeastern Michigan. With the exception of the Stooges and the MC5, they are the greatest band to come from that region.

Often compared to poseur, Jon Spencer, Mule is actually a ferociously honest blues-rock trio steeped in whiskey and beer.

Comprised of members of Wig and the Laughing Hyenas, they tore early 90s rock a new asshole with such songs as; Hayride, A Hundred Years, and Mississippi Breaks.

Mule recorded two full-length albums; Mule and If I Don't Six and one EP; Wrung, before breaking up to persue other directions.
No not Gov't Mule you stupid fucking hippie...just Mule!
by RagingLeonard December 12, 2004
1. To infect others with a virus without getting sick yourself.

2. To break or ruin something. To stuff something up.

3. Disgust, wrong.

4. Someone who mules.

Mule, Muled, Muler, Muley
1. You muled me with the flu.

2. I muled the glass window when I kicked the ball through it.

3. The apple was muley in the pie.

4. Muler - She is such a muler.
by mjair May 28, 2008
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