A person of mixed ancestry. Most commonly used to refer to people of both African and European ancestry. It has been used in early American history to refer to the children of Native Americans and Europeans as well. This later usage has fallen into disuse.

In Latin America and especially Brazil, the female version, mulata has come to be used also to refer to a beautiful woman of afrodescent, irrespective of level European admixture.

The Etymology of the word comes from old Spanish for little mule. Mulato or muleto means little mule, just like jabato means little jabali (Boar).

Some people have erroneously claimed that Mulatto comes from from Muwalladin in Arab.

The Muwallad theory encounters certain problems when compared to a timeline of usage and definition. The term mulato is documented in the data bank of the Real Academia Española (Spanish Royal Academy) for the first time in 1472. It states "The term mulata is documented in our diachronic data bank in 1472 and is used in reference to livestock mules in "Documentacion medieval de la Corte del Justicia de Ganaderos de Zaragoza", whereas muladí (from mullawadí) does not appear until the XVIII century, according to Corominas". Another problem with the Muwallad theory of origin is that Muwallad is not phonetically similar to Mulato. Mu LAH toh vs Mu wah LAD. The theory of Muladí a later derivative of Muwallad (Plural Muwalladin, shortened to Muladí) was based on some similarity with Mulato in writing. But even there, Muladí has a stress on the last vocal, while Mulato doesn't. Mu lah DI vs Mu LAH to. Neither by timeline comparison or phonetic comparison can we see any valid evidence for this claim.
Esa mulata se mueve como que esta candela.
That mulatto woman moves like she is on fire.
by Otorongo July 10, 2008
Top Definition
Nick for a person of mixed heritage..namely of black and white...can be construed as a racist term but its not nearly as racist as the insecure fuckheads who try to force people of mixed heritage to identify as one or the other...as if our society is really that "black and white", so to speak.
Don't tell me race what to identify as. You don't fucking own me.
by jenny October 04, 2004
A mulatto is someone who has one white and one black parent or someone whose ancestors are also mixed white and black. Also known as half-caste or mixed race. Alot of South American countrys have large percentages of mulattos. Bob Marley was a mulatto and so is Halle Berry.
I am black but i married a white woman so my child is a mulatto
by Marvin July 23, 2004
A person with one white parent and one black parent. They are usually very attractive, given that they are the perfect blend, not too light and not too dark. Mulattos are widely regarded as the most beautiful people in the world.
I have a mulatto girlfriend, and I must say she is smoking hot.
by quiggler November 05, 2005
A person with European and African ancestry. Is not just having " one white parent and another black" like some ignorant idiots have said here. Mulatto does not derive from " Mule". The word derrives from "Muladi", which is from Arabic " Muwaladeen", which means white mixed with Moor. It comes from medieval times. If the slavers wanted to call people " mules", they just call would've call them " mulas" instead of " mulattos" just like the Jews that converted to Christianity in Medieval Spain were reffered to as " Marrano" ( pig in Spanish). Mulatto as " mule" was invented by some racist white assholes in the mid 18th century,who resented that some of them were richer than them. That's why Mulatto is not offensive in Latin America. It is just a pc idiots in the U.S that think that they know it all,and don't know shit about Spanish Medieval history nor Latin American history.
Most Mulattoes are multi-generational. Specially in Latin Amferica.
by Gigantus2 December 21, 2006
a NON offensive terms used to describe a person that is half white, half black. Mulattos are obbsessed with identity, and mulatto is the perfect word for identifying a mixed person. Where I'm from, me and all of my mulatto friends embrace the word, and rep mulatto to the fullest. We can't say that we black, we can't say that we white, and every other word for mulatto sounds retarded, like "mixed," "bi-racial," or "multi-cultural."
My mom is black, my dad is white, and I am mulatto. But when I fill out an application, I have to check "other."
by yurilynsky16 April 30, 2008
Someone who is part white part black, usually come out with very sexy features and lighter skin. Some say it's a derogatory term, but it seems like just about every other word is derogatory these days, so whatever.
Leila: what race do you think has the sexiest men?

Angie: I'm gonna have to say mulatto.
by behindgreeneyez April 12, 2005
Way to describe someone who is mixed races: of African and European descent. Often mulatto woemen are gorgeous with beautiful, creamy, smooth skin, not too dark, not too light. They appeal to both black people and white people alike. This is the way everyone will look in years to come. Everyone will be beautiful blended races. Perfection.
Did you see that sexy mulatto girl? Shes too fucking gorgeous.
by AlexMac February 25, 2008

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