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Way to describe someone who is mixed races: of African and European descent. Often mulatto woemen are gorgeous with beautiful, creamy, smooth skin, not too dark, not too light. They appeal to both black people and white people alike. This is the way everyone will look in years to come. Everyone will be beautiful blended races. Perfection.
Did you see that sexy mulatto girl? Shes too fucking gorgeous.
by AlexMac February 25, 2008
Another substitute for the term "like" used excessively in a valley like manner. 'He was like, "let's go out." And I was like "Totally". And he was like, "Awesome." You just replace the word like with the word Zoto.
'And I was Zoto, "No way. He was Zoto, "Oh my god." We're just Zoto, perfect for eachother.'

"Zoto, I love the mall"
by AlexMac February 25, 2008
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