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A person with European and African ancestry. Is not just having " one white parent and another black" like some ignorant idiots have said here. Mulatto does not derive from " Mule". The word derrives from "Muladi", which is from Arabic " Muwaladeen", which means white mixed with Moor. It comes from medieval times. If the slavers wanted to call people " mules", they just call would've call them " mulas" instead of " mulattos" just like the Jews that converted to Christianity in Medieval Spain were reffered to as " Marrano" ( pig in Spanish). Mulatto as " mule" was invented by some racist white assholes in the mid 18th century,who resented that some of them were richer than them. That's why Mulatto is not offensive in Latin America. It is just a pc idiots in the U.S that think that they know it all,and don't know shit about Spanish Medieval history nor Latin American history.
Most Mulattoes are multi-generational. Specially in Latin Amferica.
by Gigantus2 December 21, 2006

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