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money, cash
that's a lot of mula
by kniE April 27, 2003
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lots o' money baby! well it doesnt always mean ''lots'' but ya know ''money''
i gotsa tha mula baby! now lets go to walmart! ha~ha
by yo mama October 04, 2003
1.Spanish for female donkey or mule
2. Insult to females
3. English slang for money
trae esa mula huey
by big pimpin' goin' on March 06, 2006
Money, currency, cash
I have enough mula to pay for anything in this store.
by Bicboiiiii March 10, 2015
Money, a black slang word. This is used in plenty of black songs, mula is a dangerous word in the white community.

- Big sean - mula
by MrBigBlackN February 07, 2014
Person who smuggles drugs into another country. Mainly used for people who smuggle cocaine in their stomachs.
Did you see the movie "Maria full of grace"? It was about a mula smuggling coke into the US.
by Pepe70 November 25, 2011
Mula in south indian languages like malayalam and tamil, means womens breast boobs etc
avalude MULA adippoliyannu
by brijesh4girls April 16, 2009

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