term also used by 419 scambaiters to describe their pets.
I've been going back and forth with this mugu for about three weeks, and I'm hoping to score a trophy pic of him.
by Ricky Roma July 20, 2004
Top Definition
A term used by African scam artists (specifically of the spam variety) to describe the people they get money from. Literally translated, it means something like "big idiot."
I've got another five thousand messages from Nigerian losers who think I'm just another mugu.
by The Grammar Nazi November 17, 2003
A typical slang much famous in the english speaking region of west Africa. It is used in refering to a victim of a fraud or to a person who is duped of his/her money, especially through the internet.
The white man wasn't clever enough to know that he was falling mugu to the pranks of those boys.
by Mactito July 03, 2010
One wont to cant against apostrophe use and capitalization.
im a mugu its not because i cant its because i wont
by PeterDoubt March 15, 2005
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