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someone who looks like frankenstine crossed with a frog, see Deformed
what the fuck you look like a frankenfrog!!!!!!
by natty April 29, 2004
someone who find pleasure out of having sex with shit
man, thats one good looking shit u got there
by natty April 29, 2004
hot as hell face but nasty ass!!!!
damn that girl is hott as hell but the ass is disgusting!!!!
by natty July 21, 2003
someone who likes to wank alot, more then the average person (dave faid)
For gods sake, do u have to be such a willy wacker!
by natty April 29, 2004
guy with at least one sports car, usually named damo.
"hey damo, nice sports car"
by natty March 30, 2003
A word for someone who is ugly, and also a retard
god man that girl is Mugly!
by natty April 29, 2004
someone who likes to dress up in their mums/sisters/grannys "gear"
hey mate, im not kidding, stop tranning, your fucking mental.
by natty April 29, 2004

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