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a person or an exclamation
Mugga please, or whats up my mugga
by Ben Newburn September 15, 2003
12 78
A Philly word meaning money. Started by Philly rapper Joey Jihad AKA Mr. Mugga
I ain't worried about you dudes, I'm trying to get my mugga right
by sygon July 17, 2009
233 42
any form of money or cash
I'm on the block hustlin trying to stack this mugga.
by deryle foxworth July 21, 2006
217 90
a bitch in heat on her rags all the time!
an orange haired muggas from georgetown
by Fredrick Lubdey October 31, 2007
2 3
A muggle of african-american decent.
Guy 1: How come there were never any black people in Harry Potter?

Guy 2: Because black people can't learn magic. They are muggas.
by RacistWizard March 21, 2010
34 85
Basically anythin you want, commonly used to exxagerate something.
mugga wha? It was so muggin hot! I was like mugga, you gotta get one.
by Kassandra September 05, 2003
24 84
either the female genitals or cigarettes
"i'll put some sugar in your mugga"
"lets go, i need some mugga"
"have you got any mugga on you?"
by fi kie August 24, 2007
7 75