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what's his/her face?

another way of saying, what's his/her name. it tends to be used more in the northern states, replaced in the south by what' his/her name.

It also is commonly used to replace a person's name when you can't remember it.
Jenny, remember that guy...oh you know he's kinda tall. Oh, what's his face?

Jimmy. Way to be vague.
#name #what's her name? #what's his name? #what's her face? #what's his/her face? #what's his/her name?
by Kassandra May 10, 2006
A brand of beer made by High Falls Brewery (originally Genesee Brewing Company).
"I like Bud Lite."
"I like Genesee better."
#beer #bewery #alcohol #parties #gettin down
by Kassandra November 20, 2005
Basically anythin you want, commonly used to exxagerate something.
mugga wha? It was so muggin hot! I was like mugga, you gotta get one.
by Kassandra September 05, 2003
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