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A non-existent place . any gathering place. any place one might be found hanging out at. A meeting spot.
Damn , there's all kinds of motherfuckers up in this mug!
by EllisDeatripp September 09, 2010
A slang term used often to identify someone as being extremely ugly.
Yoo he is mad mugs!
by McDaddie129 May 15, 2011
adj-showing characteristics that suck, bite, etc.
noun-someone who is a hillybilly, annoying, etc.
You mug, you stole my money!
by Dan B. October 26, 2002
shorthand for muggle, a person who lacks any sort of magical ability and was not born into the magical world
Hah! That kid's a mug!
by Aechll February 19, 2014
A slang for a person, whom seems to have a shady character, that most likely has a mugshot out there somewhere, from a prior arrest.

"I don't trust that guy, he's a mug!"
by dusty dawn January 07, 2014
Noun. Originally Miami's Ugly Girl(s). But, now that the term is used more generally, its new definition is: Mad Ugly Girl(s). MUGs are usually to be avoided, though they have certain uses. Examples of their functions include; cup holders, gag inducers, and, at times, sources of comedic entertainment.

Other forms of MUG include; MUGgy (environment filled with MUGs), MUGgy (adjective or adverb form of MUG), MUGish (partially MUG like), and MUGish (adjective or adverb form of MUG)
Example 1

Guy 1: Dude,check out that fat chick

Guy 2: Wow, what a MUG

Example 2

Guy 1: Since when did ___ get so MUGgy?
Guy 2: I don't know bro, I haven't seen a single decent looking girl in here all night.
by Alexanderthe November 01, 2011
being used (like a mug for drinking) for someone else's benefits.
if a girl is using a guy for his money he might say, 'urghh I feel like such a mug!!'
by Monster.Face May 01, 2011
The dated definition of the word is someone who is unpleasant or unnatractive.
Can also be used to describe people who are dim-witted, lazy or generally losers.
I'll teach you a lesson you mugs
by George April 03, 2004