Muffing is the new Mudding - since iPhone decides to auto correct everything!

- giggles
example: "Mo-reece is going muffing today in his friend's amazing Rubicon"
by Giggles124 April 08, 2013
Top Definition
a sexual act that may or may not be popular with trans women, according to Miranda Bellweather in Fucking Trans Women #0 muffing is the sexual act of penetrating one or both of the inguinal canals.
I LOVED muffing her last night
by censation December 14, 2010
forcefully placing the female genitals over the mouth/nose.
He needs a good muffing.
by BC Ted August 09, 2003
To go deep underground exploring caves and potholes. An adrenaline fuelled activity conducted by "Muffers"

Those muffers have been Muffing, that's exploring caves. They like to go in deep.
by Muffers-Rule October 19, 2015
The act of performing oral sex on a woman who doesn't shave her pubic hair. Originated from the town of Muff, in Ireland.
"So what'd you get up to over the weekend?"

"Oh, nothin' much. Just a lie in, and a bit of muffing the wife
by Spoovo August 25, 2015
A derogatory word used to describe simultaneous oral sex between two lesbians, often referred to as 69.
Susie hasn't gotten any all week. Tonight she's getting drunk and going out muffing.
by Mr Muff April 07, 2007
To go muffing is to go out on the pull, i.e. with the intention of getting laid (generally used for guys.)
Guy 1: Are you muffing tonight?

Guy 2: Nah, I have a girlfriend mate.
by Follers January 08, 2010
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